LMFA Coaching Resources

In order to help new coaches get started, here are some links and downloads. 
Parents may be interested in these as well to learn more about the sport and help support their young athlete. 




LFOA Referee Signals and Rules
Courtesy of the London Football Officials Association, here is a handout explaining referees signals and some rules.
The LFOA is always looking for new recruits to become football officials, contact us if you are interested and we will pass the information along to the LFOA.

LMFA Warm Up
prepared for LMFA by Dr. T. Mitch Ormond.

Game Day Roster Template

Team Heat Prevention Plan
A team heat prevention plan from Texas – while not all of this applies to us,there is good information here on heat stress symptoms and hydration plans.

Police Vulnerable Sector Check from the London Police Services Website.

YouTube Video Links
a collection of YouTube video links and other drills courtesy of Matt and Steve Snyder.

Sample One Week Practice Template – Defense
a sample practice plan for week one focusing on defence.

Sample One Week Practice Template – Offense
a sample practice plan for week one – offensive skills

Sample practice plan – week one
a practice plan template for lmfa coaches

Speed and Conditioning Drills

Sample Practice Schedule

Wisdom of Football Coaches
Some well known sayings and quotes from football coaches.

Safe Contact video series from Football Canada