2021 Regular Season information

Hi everyone, we will keep this page up to date with all the information for 2021 game days.

Playoff information has been posted on a separate post

Week Seven

A reminder that our tie breaker rules are as follows: 1. head to head, 2. coin toss.
The web site does not sort tied teams that way so ignore the order of tied teams in the standings.
All games this week are at Citywide Sports Park.

Week Five

All scores and standings are up to date. Reminder that week six kicks off our Friday Night Lights at Citywide and it’s our second week of games at 1Password Park in St Thomas.

Week Four

Game time revised due to power outage at Citywide:
U14 Cobras vs Panthers moves from 6pm to 10am at Citywide Park.
Oct 1st – The City of London reports to us that the lights at Citywide have been repaired, but the scoreboards will not be operational “for a while”.
So, we do not anticipate any more disruptions to the schedule due to the power outage.

Week Three

Update: Scores and standings for week 3 have been posted on this site.
We have been informed that the electrical system at Citywide was stolen Sunday night / Monday morning.
So, there will be no score boards or lights for the time being.
Please watch for updated game schedules which will be coming ASAP.
U14 Wolverines vs Rams moves from 6pm to 10am at Citywide Park.

Week one

All games for week one are at Citywide Park, on Commissioners Road east of Highbury Ave.
There are 2 games Saturday evening, the remainder are on Sunday.
The full schedule has been posted on this web site.

Due to Covid gathering limits, spectators are limited to immediate family only at Citywide.
Everyone entering the park must read the screening questions and use the provided hand sanitizer.
Stay 2 meters away from people not in your family, or wear a mask while in the park.

There will be no hand shakes or post game high fives this year.
Players will arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the game, and will leave the park right after the game.
Players and coaches will make every effort to avoid interaction with the teams playing before or after them.

As in all previous years, respect for the officials is mandatory. There will be no tolerance for abuse of officials from players, coaches or spectators. There is never any excuse for this behavior.

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